Motion Portion: Creative Solutions

Motion Portion: Creative Solutions

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Dear Fellow Animators

I have created a site ( ) about all things
digital content creation like animation & film. I would like to do
interviews on work done as well. If you have any contribution, please
email me.


Digital Animator & Effects Artist


1. Motion Portion: Get creative with your animation

This week highlights & updates at:


 > DIRECTOR: Mike Nguyen - The director of upcoming animated feature 'My
Little World'.
 > 3D ARTIST: Steven Stahlberg - The winner of the 1st International 3D
Awards in Copenhagen.
 > ANIMATOR: Too Peh Theng - A graduate from Multimedia University Malaysia.
 > ANIMATOR: Craig Robert Dowsett - An animator based in Seoul, Korea.


 > 'The Matrix' fever - Relax with some free 'The Matrix' related
 > L.O.R. - An animated short about robots arising before human.
 > First flight - Imagine a team going for an X-Prize winning. This is
their story.
 > Little red plane - An award winning 3D animated short made by students.
 > Amazing car advert - If there is a reason to watch car advert, this
would be the one.
 > The Chubb Chubbs - An Academy award winning short from Sony Pictures.
 > Asylum3D - 2 guys, Lightwave 3D & Mac based = great demo video


 > 3D modeller using JAVA - Impressive 3D modeller & raytracing renderer
written in JAVA.


 > Stop-frame wonder - A stop-frame animation 50 years in the making.
 > To the centre of the earth? - If you think the movie 'The Core' is
far fetch, you may want to read this.
 > 3D award winners - The list of winners from the 1st International 3D
Awards in Copenhagen.
 > Spy Kids again! - Yes but this time with a difference.


 > Delgo - The first independent computer-animated feature.
 > Animated film from Korea - The most expensive animated feature in
Korean film history.


 > No 3D please! - A creative game no one thought of it before.


Victor Lim

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