Encoding MPEGs

Encoding MPEGs

Post by Roland Wunderlic » Wed, 27 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I have been modeling an animation about 3.5 minutes in length in 3D
Studio R4 and I was wondering what would be the best way to encode this
into a video file (perferably MPEG and not flc because of size).  I want
to try and use as little hard drive space with the unencoded still files
(max 200 MB) and then mix an audio track, which I have as both a wav
file and encoded as an MPEG layer 2 audio file.  What software is
available to encode this kind of thing and mix MPEG video and audio?  

Roland Wunderlich


1. Virus encoded in mpegs?!@

I have heard that there are virus' floating around in mpeg files. The latest
one I   think is called ripper. It's a  polymorphic(?) strain that runs
 havoc after the  mpeg file has been played. Unfortunately,
I have also been told that there is no virus checker that is out
  that is able to detect this virus. Anyone have any    
thoughts about this?!
It is truly a sad day, that one cannot even view a little flic and
get zapped by af*&$%in' trojan!


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