sci-fi rock opera

sci-fi rock opera

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We are looking for someone to do the 3d animations required for the
performance of a sci-fi rock opera we've written.  We have performed the
piece twice thus far, enabling us to flesh out the music, lyrics and
storyline.  Now we are looking to add the animated scenes which will help
move the story along by giving the audience the visuals they need that could
not otherwise be provided to them by live stage action (e.g. scenes in

Unfortunately since we're just starting out we don't have money!  So the
person we're looking for is someone who may be willing to negotiate on other

Future compensation
Trade of services - have any projects that need an original musical score?
Adverti*t - We're not above plastering your name and likeness on

If you're interested in finding out more about the show you can checkout the
website at:

If you're interested in this project and want to chat, email me at:



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