animation book

animation book

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BOOK: Animation
      A Reference Guide
AUTHOR: Thomas W. Hoffer
PUBLISHER: Greenwood Press
PAGES: 385
Chapter 1 : Introduction
   "    2 : The Historic Outline
   "    3 : Gateway to the Animation Literature: References and the
            General Literature
   "    4 : Classes of Animation and Personalities
   "    5 : Creating Animation
   "    6 : New Directions
Appendix 1 - Chronology of Animation
    "    2 - Major Research Centers
    "    3 - Sources for Collectible Animation Art
    "    4 - Sources of Films
    "    5 - Animated Films on 8mm
    "    6 - Selected and Annotated Trade Journal and Popular Press
    "    7 - Periodicals, Newsletters, and Irregular Serials in
             English of Animation Intrest
NOTE: Every Chapter has a bibliography plus every appendix except 1,5.
NOTE: Appendix 6 has it's own INDEX
NOTE: 70 B.C., Lucretius in De Rerum Natura described an apparatus that
      projected hand-drawn moving images on a screen.[this is from the
      appendeix 1- Hows that for obscure information on animation!]

                                                       John W. Cobb

P.S. I have 4 scripts- 2 horror, 1 * themes and situations and one
     animation. I am seeking people to communicate with about film
     production in all areas: storyboards, costumes, sets, dioramas,
     miniature sets, sfx, music, dance, animation, actors, female
     models, still photography, sound, light, camera, gaffers, make-
     up, props, computer graphics, public relations- and on,andon, andon

     can write to US Postal mail:
                                 John W. Cobb
                                 P.O. Box 2351
                                 Rolla, Mo.  65401
If you can post my request for communications with people with intrests
in filmmaking in other directions- NEWSNETS- FRIENDS etc., please do.
                                                    John W. Cobb


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