SF bay area MH3D users group?

SF bay area MH3D users group?

Post by Steve Traver » Mon, 30 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hello all,
   In an effort to improve my character animation output (and not wanting
to drop a grand on Character Studio), I just purchased MH3D. The power of
the program is obvious. And based on the limited number of animations
I've done on it thus far, I've made a sound decision. However, the manual
is severely lacking. That is, they've basically laid out which button
does what and then jump into tutorials that assume the operation all
makes sense to you.

   I started out with 3D Studio rel 2 and currently own MAX. The
tutorials take you from knowing nothing about the program to being
comfortable in it's operation. And while they are overly simplistic, they
have to be. I know. We're talking about the difference between a $3000
program and a $200 program, so the comparison isn't really fair. I'm just
a little frustrated because I haven't figured out how to weld a patch.

  Okay now that I've whined a bit, I'm feeling better. Are there any MH3D
user groups in the San Francisco Bay Area? Or even if there are any users
in this area who would be willing to help me out in this initial
confusion. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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SF bay area MH3D users group?

Post by AnimMast » Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:00:00


Jump onto our mailing list... some of our SF users are meeting on

message body type subscribe.

Jeff, Hash, Inc.


SF bay area MH3D users group?

Post by Christopher Pric » Thu, 03 Oct 1996 04:00:00

 I'm just

Quote:>a little frustrated because I haven't figured out how to weld a patch.

Regarding manuals, I believe the video was an enspired idea. The
tutorials are there on-cdron and online. It makes for a cost effective
package which Hash Inc. have passed on to their customers. Watch the
video very carefully a number of times. I disagree with the poor-manual

I'm just getting a feel for the power of spline modelling. It's a
lot of fun. Just play around and the idea of power-patching soon
comes to ya.

I'm currently trying a technique of factial creation from your standard
figure-drawing book. Rather than draw the front view of a face and then
pull it out, I am drawing bounding splines positioned in 3D
proportionally and then adding defining splines, finally patching these.
The idea of creating series of splines and then linking these to create
patches is powerful, and I suspect is missed in other packages that have
singular patch objects. No?


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