AD: New XSI Training Series

AD: New XSI Training Series

Post by Will Mende » Mon, 02 Jun 2003 04:49:13 has just announced the availability of a new XSI Training
Series entitled XSI Production Solutions and Tips by Bernard Lebel.  This
series (close to 13hrs of material) has a try before you buy option so come
a look at

Will Mendez


1. DFW Lightwave Training - AD

David Johnson will be offering another in his series of Lightwave 3D
classes in the Dallas - FtWorth area on August 17th.  The class as
proposed will be an Intro to LW5.0 for those already familar with
earlier versions.  If you would be interested in a real introductory
class (ie, for those of you new to LW altogether) let me know and I
will get back to about setting one up.  I am planning a series of
classes for the fall for people interested in trying to make the jump
from "hobbiest" to free-lance or full-time animator.  These classes
will focus on real world / real job problems including:
breaking a job down, putting together a bid/proposal, dealing with
client supplied art, etc. I have a hands on calss of this type
scheduled for 7/20 (I know,  that's pretty short notice) that still
has 2 spots left. It starts at 9am on Sat 7/20 and will run approx
till 5:30pm.

Anyone interested can email me at :

or Call voice at:(214)526-3080 days


David Johnson

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