Pixar's "Knick Knack", version 2.0

Pixar's "Knick Knack", version 2.0

Post by David Swi » Sun, 15 Jun 2003 18:14:45

Those of you who have seen "Finding Nemo" will have been pleasantly
surprised to see the 1989 short "Knick Knack" before the movie. If you
had seen it before, you were probably also surprised to see that the
female characters had been.. tastefully altered to have less
outlandish bosoms.

We can speculate all we like about why they felt this was necessary,
but my question is more of a technical nature: how did they actually
do it?

I am assuming they altered the original data and re-rendered, since it
was all created using early versions of tools they still have today
(e.g. Renderman). Then all that would be required is a little care to
match the film colour and grain during re-editing.

Can anyone confirm this or do any of you know otherwise?

David Swift


Pixar's "Knick Knack", version 2.0

Post by Arthur » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 09:23:28

Yes, I saw it at the Siggraph where it was first shown. I assume
that what you say is true, they must have altered the characters
and re-rendered the pertinent scenes.

I wonder how many man and machine hours were spent on the
animation of characters in the credits, it's probably at least
as much as the entire original Pixar shorts.

Arthur Hu
CG graphics fan since 1975


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