Illustrator to 3d line animation

Illustrator to 3d line animation

Post by brodyh » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 05:46:29

I am a fine artist trying to find the right software for animating my
isometric 3d drawings.  In a sense I work in 2 and a half D.  I
currently draw in Illustrator by clicking on the vertices of an
isometric grid to make complex, almost Baroque images that seem
spatial, but would like to transform my environment to 3D so that I
can animate a solid version of these line drawings.  Of the 3D
programs I've seen, Lightwave is very un-user friendly and full of
problems, but it will render wireframes with definable line
thickness--though not hidden line removal.  Cheaper programs rarely
allow control over line thickness in WF renders.  None of the
animation programs I've seen is well set up to construct elaborate
right angle polygons based on a grid--the models would have to be made
in a CAD program it seems.  (I've got a demo of Dimensions, which I
will soon try).  Since my output would be full of delicate linework, I
would need high resolution files and an expensive viewing device--but
on the other hand, vector output seems more appropriate if i can find
the speed to run it.
 Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.


PS. I am using a Mac G4


Illustrator to 3d line animation

Post by John E. M » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 05:04:18

Have you tried Strata?
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Illustrator to 3d line animation

Post by ELEK » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 21:06:45

Maya now supports vector rendering.  You can also run swift 3d it
on google.

Illustrator to 3d line animation

Post by Ilya Minko » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 20:56:20

Blender Rules.

Getting it to render wires in different thickness is a bit tricky. You
may want to separate your countours/wires into separate (sub-)objects,
and give them material with Z-offset and wire-only, where you can
control the thinckness.

It also includes a z-cue steered toon line renderer.

The Tuhupoo Blender build includes a full-fledged Toon shader.


P.S. Everything is doable with Blender, and its "unfriendliness" pays
off when you get into working with it - no 3D app can compete with it in
working speed, aside from possibly (but not probably) Lightwave and
Maya. No comparison to the "friendly" 3ds max!


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