Facial Motion tracking -- Data capture

Facial Motion tracking -- Data capture

Post by Pi » Sun, 22 Jun 2003 01:41:16

I am looking to write a face shape tracker. Tracking could be
done offline, doesn't have to be real-time. I am looking for
a base system as a starting point. I already have a tracker
that can track the shape/deformations of a marked face, but
I want to track an unmarked face, particularly well around
the lips and eyes. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



1. importing data such as facial tracks

hi all,
      what format does lightwave import in the way of motion tracks.
I've asked my software supplier (Eyeon) if their wonderful Digital
Fusion software could export motion track splines that can then be
used to control bones in the face of a 3D character. They said they
could write it in as a feature if they knew the format lightwave could read.

Many thanks


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