3D Ani Dictionary

3D Ani Dictionary

Post by James Tichen » Wed, 15 Dec 1993 05:17:26


I'm just starting in comp.ani, so a couple questions:


Does anyone know of a 3D graphics and animation dictionary? I work on the PC
at the moment but have every intension of moving up to SGI, but I want to
start figuring out their stuff before I get there - so, I wonder about
rendering and modeling techs I haven't used at the PC level.

Thanks for the help!



1. MultiMedia/ 3d ani NG

Hi !
Is there a good newsgroup about multimedia
(especially for Macromedia Director) i can subscribe?
I*m also interested in Mac 3D animation newsgroups.

Pls. also reply 2 me direct,

Thanx in advance,




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