articulation of real hands

articulation of real hands

Post by Richard Kennawa » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 23:48:35

I'm trying to generate realistic animations of realistic hands.  I can
find out from anatomy textbooks the placement of all the joints, but I'm
having some difficulty finding information about exactly how the joints
articulate.  For the joints involving the phalanges of the fingers and
thumb, it's easy enough to measure my own hands, but for the joints
hidden inside the palm, it's not at all obvious which of them have enough
movement to matter, and exactly how they move.  The base joint of the
thumb in particular is giving me problems.  Does movement of the greater
multangular carpal bone contribute, or is the motion all due to the
carpometacarpal joint?

Does anyone know of a reference for this sort of information? is very interesting, but as yet deals only with
the wrist joint.

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