looking for buss mesh

looking for buss mesh

Post by Dave Wiela » Tue, 14 Jun 1994 17:22:39

Hi All

        I am looking for a *.DXF or *.obj mesh of a city buss.  I already looked at
chinalake and in my Viewpoint Data Labs catalog with no luck.  I would prefer
something available on the NET but may be open to other options.  I appreciate
any help.


Who Me? I never said that.


1. Philips SAA 7194 Digital Video Encoder/ I2C Buss Help

I am seeking anyone having experience with the Philips SAA7194
Digital video decoder and scaler circuit. This device combines the
functions of a digital multistandard decoder and a digital video

We are using the device in a real-time  MPEG video compression

I am also seeking information on existing source code for this
device, i.e., code that is sent across the I2C bus on the device.

Any pointers to other news groups or to ftp sites containing files
on this Philips device would be very helpful.


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