Please help with compression!

Please help with compression!

Post by Time0u » Sun, 07 Nov 1999 04:00:00

> I need some help with compression for video files.
> When I render files as avi uncompressed, I'm getting big files
> that don't play back well.

> I played with different codecs to compress the files, but I just can't get
> a decent files size without too much loss in image quality.

> All in all it's tedious dealing with all the parameters in the codecs.
> Does anyone here know of a utility that allows for easy compression?

> Or is there a site that has information on compression techniques on windows
> platforms?

> Any help would be much appreciated!

> Kay.

As a newbie, I found helpful.
It told about the amount of compression needed to achieve certain results.
(how much compression was required for what type of production
This might not be the information you wanted but maybe it will help some.