Should I get Animator Studio?

Should I get Animator Studio?

Post by Erik Hermanse » Sun, 01 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I wanted to hear from some people that have used Autodesk Animator
Studio.  I have read the tiny bit of info on their site and viewed their
CD-ROM demo (slideshow type thing, not the actual program).  I want to
make animations that play on a computer.

Some questions:

- Does it store the frames you are working with in memory or on disk?
Of course you can save the animation to disk, but when you are working
with it where is it kept?  In other words: am I going to have to buy a
bunch of memory to work with longer anims?

- I sorta see from the demo how you can put an animated object into the
working area and specify a path for it across the frames of your
animation. Can you edit the nodes on the path where the object frame
switches so that you can specify exactly what object frame it should be

- Can you make the objects scale bigger and smaller along the path?  

- Can you save the project with a discrete background, objects, and
paths or only the resulting frames after rendering?

- What kinds of limitations have you run into while using AAS?


1. 3D Studio w/lquid speed, Animator Studio, Animator Pro +lots more 1000.00

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Also included is a few misc. ipas routines, that I don't feel like going
through to list right now.

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