*San Francisco Animator Training

*San Francisco Animator Training

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A New Four Part Series at the Center for Electronic Art.  The First part
of this series is the Storyboard Workshop beginning 8/26. These classes
have been designed by Emmy award winning art director and animator Lee
Marrs and will be of use to anyone entering the 2D or 3D animation fields.

Storyboard Workshop  ($500)
Thursdays. August 26-October 7.
6:30-9:30PM (skips 9/16)

Animation Preproduction Workshop  ($500)
Thursdays October 21-December. 2
6:30-9:30PM (skips 11/25)

Animation Production Workshop  ($600)  
Mondays December 6-February 7
6:30-9:30PM (skips 12/23 & 12/30)

Animation Postproduction Workshop  ($500)
Thursdays February 14-March 20

SAVE over 20% Enroll in all 4 classes (26 three hour sessions) for $1600

Storyboard Workshop: Storyboards are the initial clarifying step in
creating any visual sequence. Boards use a clear, visual language to
communicate what is supposed to happen in film, video, web site,
animation, or computer game sequences. Through boards, overall artistic
vision is focused, potential production problems can be identified, crew
communication is improved, and concepts are sold to clients. Students will
learn techniques, symbols, materials, and formats that are used in
storyboarding for all media. They will practice creating boards as both
in-class exercises and take-home projects. Lectures, software/video
presentations, critiques, media observation, and group discussion are used
to build students' skills in creating visual narratives. Prerequisite:
General computer skills. Recommended: Scanning.skills. Drawing ability is
not a requirement. 6 sessions.

Animation Preproduction Workshop: This class will train you in the
careful, creative pre-production process that is the key to a successful
animated project. Students will learn how to brainstorm ideas into
concepts, use a script to evaluate story structure, apply a
style/attitude, create effective character design and background and/or
environments, develop an audio design, and coordinate all this in a
storyboard to be used in the Animation Production Workshop. Both 2D and 3D
will be discussed, but the emphasis is on basic, underlying animation
principles. Lectures, software/video presentations, and group discussion
are  aimed at training students with in-class and home assignments.
Prerequisites: General computer skills. Storyboard Workshop. Recommended:
Basic Scanning, Photoshop and Design skills. 6 sessions.

Animation Production Workshop: This class explores the techniques of
animation as applied to a variety of art media with detailed attention to
storyboarding, editing, layout, keyframing, clean-up, shooting, and post
production items like sound and special effects. Students create, critique
and revise personal projects and use both traditional cell painting
methods and modern scanning and computer cell painting methods.
Prerequisites: Animation Preproduciton and willingness to continue working
on projects outside of class. 8 sessions

Animation Postproduction Workshop: This class will train you in the
techniques used to finish an animation project. Using their production
class output, students will learn the fine tuning of color correction,
compositing, A and B roll management, special effects, audio sweetening,
timing and editing adjustments, format restrictions and advantages. Learn
why "We'll just fix it in Post." is an industry joke and too often true.
Both 2D and 3D will be discussed. Lectures, software programs, video and
computer presentations, and group discussion are geared to train students
with in-class and lab assignments. There will be a field trip to a post
production facility. Prerequisites: Animation Production Workshop. 6

Enrollment is limited.  To register please call us at (415) 536-0946

The Center for Electronic Art is a small non-profit organization that has
been teaching digital media to a diverse student body in San Francisco
since 1987. We offer a full spectrum of courses in Desktop Publishing,
Interactive media, Animation and Web development.

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