.FLI/.FLC -> Win .EXE or small fast FLI/FLC player for Win

.FLI/.FLC -> Win .EXE or small fast FLI/FLC player for Win

Post by Ismail O. Mohamed Sidi » Fri, 21 Oct 1994 21:57:38

Is there available fast FLI/FLC player or generator which makes
windows .EXE file from .FLI/.FLC file ?

I need something that can play animations from floppies.



1. Player for FLC/FLI on Win 95

My company has just purchased 3ds-max running on NT.
We are generating 640*480 FLC file for presentation on a high
quality laptop 1024*768 TFT each file is about 100Mb in size.
Can you please tell me if there a player that will play back
this file at full screen resolution?
The laptop is running Win95.
I have tryed producing AVI files but the quality is not
in the same class as FLC even with all the configuration
at best quality.

Thank you.

Alan Munday

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