Motionworks 2d software for mac

Motionworks 2d software for mac

Post by Jason Schleif » Fri, 07 Oct 1994 09:32:25

Anyone know of this software or of where I could get more information about it?
Any help would be greatley appreciated!!!!



1. Mac 2D Animation Software?

Hi!  Help!

  Can someone recommend a place where I can find out what kind of Mac 2D
animation software is available?

  For a number years, I have been using a various versions of a program
called Deluxe Paint, for the Amiga platform.  With it, I have been able
to create 2D graphics from scratch or import scanned images.  Unlike a
graphics program like Photoshop, you are not just working with a single
image; rather, you have a series of frames, in numerical order.  For
example, if you create an animation with 100 frames, the program allows
you to jump around, from one frame to another, so you can alter the
animation.  It also allows you to play back the animation at 30 frames
per second (or something close to that) to see how the animation looks.

  Does anyone know of a program like that for the Mac, or would anyone
know where I can go to find out more info?  Thanks!

Mike Salva

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