MHA/AM User Group Meet --Feb 29 7PM --New Directions

MHA/AM User Group Meet --Feb 29 7PM --New Directions

Post by Richard Herma » Mon, 26 Feb 1996 04:00:00


The main Science lobby has been completed but the elevators to the
ba*t are being rennovated so new directions are required...

Quote:>From Parnassus Ave., enter the Medical Sciences building at the main

lobby (big glass doors about 20 meters to the right of the main
hospital entrance). Enter the lobby and look for the overhead signs to
Toland Hall. You will take the first hallway to the right. Walk down to
the end of the hall and take the stairs DOWN one floor to the ba*t.
Follow the signs on the wall toward the Chancellor's Conference Room.
S-22 will be on your left.

Thanks to Michael Hultner for setting the room arrangements.