Hollywood luminary offers unique educational opportunity

Hollywood luminary offers unique educational opportunity

Post by Lanny Redi » Thu, 13 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hollywood luminary offers unique educational opportunity

Crystal Information, Inc., a leading provider of digital arts, interactive
multimedia, and networking training, is proud to welcome world-renowned
graphic artist C. David Pi?a for the week of April 7, marking the first
time his five day course, entitled 3Digital Media f/x,2 has been offered
outside the Los Angeles area.

Pi?a is considered by many to be television1s preeminent designer of main
titles and animated graphics. His distinctive broadcast work has been seen
on both the 1992 and 1996 Presidential Inaugural telecasts, as well as the
Grammy? Awards, Tony Awards?, Emmy Awards?, and the Academy Awards?. He is
also responsible for the new opening sequence of ABC1s 3America1s Funniest
Home Videos2 and has been nominated for two Emmys himself. His work has
appeared extensively in print and been exhibited in fine art galleries, as
well as included in several private collections.

3Digital Media f/x with C. David Pi?a2 is an intensive, hands-on course
focusing on the broadcast-oriented computer tools utilized daily by Pi?a.
Students will gain valuable insight into the world of today1s cutting-edge
digital artists and the techniques they employ to create sophisticated
computer effects for film, television, and multimedia productions. Each day
of the course will be filled with sessions of formal discussion and
exercises, as well as time to work on personal projects.

The five day course covers a variety of topics. Among those planned: 3-D
modelling and animation with Specular Infini-D; 2-D animation, compositing,
and visual effects creation with Adobe After Effects; 3-D model painting in
Fractal Design Detailer; basic rotoscoping and visual effects creation in
Strata MediaPaint; image and movie distortion with Movieflo1 and Kai1s
Power Goo; and a general overview of the Media 100 non-linear digital video
editing system.

Crystal Information1s Digital Arts and Interactive Media division currently
offers a variety of other courses, including: CorelDraw, Director, Final
Effects, FrameMaker, Introduction to Digital Photography, Kai1s Power
Tools, Multimedia CD-ROM Production, PageMaker, Advanced PageMaker Tips &
Techniques, Photoshop, Premiere, Shockwave, and Web Design.

3While the need for highly specialized technical knowledge is expanding,
relatively small numbers of qualified instructors exist to service that
demand,2 said Mark McDermott, president of Crystal Information. 3Those
instructors whose knowledge is based on real-world experience are becoming
increasingly difficult to locate. Our instructors rely on the use of these
technologies in their many diverse projects assuring that our students
receive the best education experience available.2

The 2,000 square foot training facility features the latest in computer
workstations, including 200MHz processors, switched Fast Ethernet
networking, ample memory, and high-resolution 17-inch color displays. The
center is conveniently located seconds off Interstate-5, just 15 minutes
from Portland and 25 minutes from Salem, with close proximity to lodging
and numerous restaurants.

Courses currently under development include: Advanced Digital Photography,
After Effects, Authorware, Bluescreen Techniques, Bryce, Debabelizer,
Elastic Reality, FreeHand, Illustrator, Infini-D, Introduction to Digital
Prepress, MediaPaint, MIDI & Digital Audio, Painter, and Using Java.

Networking courses to be offered later this year include: NetWare 4 Basics,
NetWare 4 Advanced, NetWare 4 Installation, NetWare 3.12 Basics,
Introduction to Networking, Developing Intranets, Introduction to UNIX,
Introduction to TCP/IP, NetWare TCP/IP Administration, and Windows NT
Server 4.0 TCP/IP Administration.

To obtain further information (including course schedules), call Lanny
Reding at (503) 570-9599 or visit http://www.crystalinfo.com, Crystal
Information1s award-winning site on the World Wide Web.