car show video trailer

car show video trailer

Post by Serge Kourdak » Fri, 13 Jun 2003 18:11:49


you might download car show video trailer
( three versions of the same trailer with different resolution)
quite a bit of eye candy.



1. Video Trailer

I invite you to check out the trailer to my new Video Short entitled "Toy
You may find the trailer in my Digimation gallery at:


The video is an "outer limits" type story and is a mixture of live action
and animation.  The original footage was done with a HI8 camera, but the
entire production was eventually digitized.  I used Ulead's Mediastudio,
Metacreaion's Poser 3, SoftFX and Bryce 3 to create "Toy Soldier".


A. A. Roberts

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