Graphic Web Design Contest

Graphic Web Design Contest

Post by » Sat, 20 Nov 1999 04:00:00 , a web site that provides free bug tracking service to software
companies from all over the world, is conducting a graphic web design
contest. The participants in the contest should send a graphic proposal for
the design of the's web pages. The pages are constructed from two
frames. The upper frame displays a control bar and the lower frame displays
the site forms. An example of the site pages is displayed on
The wining design will be used as the site graphical interface. In exchange,
we will display a link of the winning designer's home page or e-mail address
on the bottom of each page that displays the designer graphic design,
exposing the designer's name to thousands of potential customers form all
over the world every day.
To participate in the contest, please send your design proposals (in GIF or
JPEG) format to:

We are not obliged to accept any of the proposals that are sent to us and no
payment will be given in return for sending proposals or using them for the
site's design.
We will not use any graphic design without the explicit permission of the


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