X server: Fatal IO error 0 with MesaGL/glx

X server: Fatal IO error 0 with MesaGL/glx

Post by Andre Weissflo » Thu, 19 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I'm in the process of writing the OpenGL renderer plugin for our next game
engine, the Win32 version
is up and running, but the glX binding gives me a slight headache. I don't
use glut because of it's
own message loop.
I have done the window setup after the cook book (glxdino.c and glut source
code), then the message
loop is entered, which basically works likes this:

    bool running = true;
    while (running) {
       render_scene()  // (OpenGL and glX calls only)
       while (XPending(gls->dsp)) {
            switch(gls->event.type) {
                case ConfigureNotify:
                    // [calling reshape]
                case ClientMessage:
                    if ((Atom)gls->event.xclient.data.l[0] ==
gls->wmDeleteWindow) {
                    // [cleaning up context, window and closing display]
                        running = false;

If there are no events to handle, the process is busy rendering frames. The
program is rendering
fine until either the window is resized or moved. In this case, it
terminates, giving
this error:

XIO:  fatal IO error 0 (Success) on X server ":0.0"
      after 385 requests (383 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

The number of requests varies depending on how long the program was
running. It looks like
the ConfigureNotify message handler isn't even reached. Minimizing,
maximing and terminating by closing the window works fine. I know it must
be something
obvious but I'm not exactly fluid in X Window programming.
Any help is highly appreciated, I lost already 2 days on the Linux version.
Environment is Linux 2.0.36, XFree86 3.2.2, MesaGL2.6 (happens also on
3.0), P1/200 with
Riva128 (Mesa running in software of course). The GL plugin renderer is a
C++ class in
a runtime dynamically linked .so.



1. Octane Fatal Server Error

I have an R12K running 6.5.6.m.  Occasionally the entire screen will
lock up and I must use the "Vulcan Death Grip" to restart.

Syslog shows the following error.

Jul 17 20:23:55 3D:FMRI Xsgi0[748]:
Jul 17 20:23:55 2D:FMRI Xsgi0[748]: Fatal server error:
Jul 17 20:23:55 2D:FMRI Xsgi0[748]: mgrasDefaultTTExists: defualt
timimg table file '/usr/gfx/ucode/MGRAS/vof/1280x1024_85.sdb' not found
Jul 17 20:23:55 2D:FMRI Xsgi0[748]:
Jul 17 20:23:56 3B:FMRI xdm[744]: Server for display :0 terminated
unexpectedly: 1

gfxinfo shows the following:
Graphics board 0 is "IMPACTSR" graphics.
        Managed (":0.0") 1280x1024
        Product ID 0x3, 2 GEs, 2 REs, 4 TRAMs
        MGRAS revision 4, RA revision 0
        HQ rev B, GE12 rev A, RE4 rev C, PP1 rev H,
        VC3 rev A, CMAP rev F, Heart rev F
        unknown, assuming 19" monitor (id 0xf)

        Channel 0:
         Origin = (0,0)
         Video Output: 1280 pixels, 1024 lines, 72.24Hz (1280x1024_72)

and indicates that I have selected 1280x1024_72 not 1280x1024_85 as
indicated in syslog.

Has anybody seen this problem in 6.5.x.  Will upgrading to 6.5.7 or
6.5.8 help.

Kevin Kronmiller

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