histogram question

histogram question

Post by Markus Sui » Tue, 18 Sep 2001 03:23:35


I have no experience with opengl. I actually don't want to use it for
rendering purposes. I would like to get histograms of single triangles
in arbitrary positions in an image. I want to try if using openGL
hardware in this way speeds up an image segmentation algorithm.

I know that it is possible to get a histogram of a whole image.
What do i have to do to get a histogram of a triangular patch of a 2D
image ?

Thanx, Markus.


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I've got a quick question concerning the convolution & histogram
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hardware under IRIX 6.2.  The routines don't seem much faster (if at
all) than the pure CPU counterparts that I coded up.  Does anyone know
if these two extensions actually use the graphics hardware or are they
implemented using the CPU instead.

Thanks in advance.

   Loren Knutson

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