OpenGL NT 3.51 app won't work under NT 4.0

OpenGL NT 3.51 app won't work under NT 4.0

Post by Zachary Hilbu » Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I have an OpenGL application which worked under NT 3.51, but won't under
NT 4.0.  One problem is that if I suspend the context using
wglMakeCurrent (NULL, NULL), and then assign it again using
wglMakeCurrent, I get an illegal memory access in __glInitDepth16 for
using a 0 pointer, with the following stack.

CRotateXlate::do_xforms() line 1614

Another problem is that after drawing an object around 100 times, it
draws very slowly.  I haven't had time to look into this one.  I assume
that these problems are some quirk with NT 4.0, or with OpenGL for NT
4.0.  Has anyone had similar problems and knows the solution?



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Boy this scares me.

Anyone who has done this upgrade, please email me on whether it went
easy or difficult, pitfalls not to get caught in, etc.

Please, as I have had enough problems on my intel upgrading from 3.11 to

Don't wanna bury my Alpha machines.

Jack Bennett II
Creative Imagineering, Inc.

remove the obvious spambait in my address to email.

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