Open Inventor 4.0

Open Inventor 4.0

Post by Mike He » Fri, 25 Apr 2003 02:37:39

Announcing availability of Open Inventor 4.0 from TGS

V4.0 adds native SoQt Library, multi-volume support, volume geometry nodes,
immersive VR display and tracking support, bump mapping, occclusion culling
and chained culling operations, multi-pass (not sorted) transparency, and
much more.  See:

(Note this is a condensed version of the full RelNotes in the SDK install.)

 TGS Inc,


1. Open Inventor 4.0 Beta1

The Beta1 release of Open Inventor 4.0 from TGS is now available!

It includes many enhancements to Open Inventor and its extension
modules (DataViz, FxViz, MultiPipe, TerrainViz, VolumeViz, ...)

The preliminary release notes are available at:

If you are a current user of Open Inventor and you would like to
be a Beta tester for release 4.0, please contact your TGS sales

 TGS Inc

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