stereo-support under Linux with current nvidia-hardware

stereo-support under Linux with current nvidia-hardware

Post by Mirco Mülle » Sun, 16 Jun 2002 18:08:54

Hello there!

        After an unsuccessful search with the help of I
 would like to ask, if somebody here (preferably from nvidia) can give an
y info about when the OpenGL-stereo capabilities of nvidia-cards (e.g. GF3
Ti200, GF4 Ti4200) will be accessable under Linux.

        At the moment I'm using the two above mentioned cards on Linux-system
s with the 1.0-2960 driver. glXChooseVisual() returns NULL as soon as I
 add a GLX_STEREO to the attrs integer-array. The call looks like this:

        vis_info = glXChooseVisual( dpy, DefaultScreen( dpy ), attrs )

Thanks in advance for your time and kind advice!

Best regards...

Mirco Mller


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