availability of SGI OpenGL

availability of SGI OpenGL

Post by Martin J Bys » Sun, 07 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have been trying to download a copy of SGI's openGL from the
www.opengl.org, but their hyperlink to the download is dead and I
cannot find the download elsewhere. Would someone be so kind as
to direct me to a downloadable version.

Martin J. Bysh


1. Availability of SGI OpenGL for Win95?

I've recently started experimenting with OpenGL programming and
have been searching for the SGI OpenGL implementation for Win95.
I have the MS DLLs but have been unable to find the SGI version.

The don't seem to be available from SGI any longer, and no new
info has been posted at opengl.org.  Are there any mirror or
shareware sites which still carry them?  (Web and DejaNews
searches have turned up nada so far...)  Also, I'm curious WHY
they were taken down...something to do with the new MS-SGI
OpenGL initiative?

Nortel (Northern Telecom)                Ottawa, Canada
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