Minutes of last ARB meeting?

Minutes of last ARB meeting?

Post by Allen McPherso » Wed, 08 Oct 1997 04:00:00

        Has anyone seen these?  I can't find them on the SGI OpenGL

        I'm curious about what's going on with OpenGL++.

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Minutes of last ARB meeting?

Post by Jon Lee » Thu, 09 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Quote:>    Has anyone seen these?  I can't find them on the SGI OpenGL
>    site.

>    I'm curious about what's going on with OpenGL++.

    Here's the relevant portion of the ARB minutes:


        Mark Segal provided an update on the status of OpenGL++. He was not
        able to have a new version of the spec ready in time for this
        meeting, but he will be releasing a new version of the spec within a
        month. Some simple demos and simple tests are running. A more final
        draft specification that could be presented to the ARB should be
        ready by the end of the year. Companies that are participating in
        the effort are SGI, IBM, Intel, Digital. Mark expects that an
        alpha-quality implementation will be ready by the end of the year. A
        Beta release would be ready next summer. The group met Monday and
        spent the day talking about procedural and technical issues. A fair
        amount of time was spent on multithreading issus. The plan is to use
        Pthreads, which should provide a good implementation across UNIX
        systems. Mark promised to send out the minutes from Monday's
        meeting. Mark answered several questions about how OpenGL++ compared
        to DirectModel and Java3D, and which OpenGL extensions would be
        needed (answer: none, just OpenGL 1.1).

    I'll get the complete ARB minutes and the OpenGL++ meeting minutes
mentioned above up on the Web site shortly, and post when they're available.

    Jon Leech
    Silicon Graphics


1. OpenGL ARB meeting minutes for December now on opengl.org

    Minutes from the December OpenGL ARB meeting are now available at


    The most significant item is the schedule for OpenGL 1.2. The next draft
of the specification will be released for public review at the beginning of
January (I'll announce this on the newsgroup and mailing lists). There will
be two more iterations of the spec before the March ARB meeting, and we
expect OpenGL 1.2 to be approved in March.

    There's also a bit more information on the SGI-MS agreement on support
and distribution of the Installable Client Driver DDK.

    Jon Leech
    Silicon Graphics

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