nVidia and BumpMapping..

nVidia and BumpMapping..

Post by Mikael Alfredsso » Wed, 18 Aug 1999 04:00:00


Has anyone inplement the Emboss Bump Mapping as described by Michael I.
Gold on vNidias technical pages.

I have done it all except i have problem creating the 'Normal Space'
matrice, to be excact, i don't know what i should use for 'Up-vector', i
have tried it all, but it fails on objects that's not planar..

please help me..

/Mikael Alfredsson


1. implementing bumpmapping


Trying to add bump mapping to my raytracer, and i feel my brain has
left me. I just can't figure out how to modify the normal "properly".
I have the u,v coordinates at the intersection point, the normal (in
object space), and i calculate the "gradient" by subtracting
bumpmap(u-1, v) - bumpmap(u+1,v) and similar for the v axis.
Presumably i need some way to go from the "tangen space" to object
space, but how's that done?

Any insight, urls etc appreciated

- Asbj?rn

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