I'm using a two pass rendering

I'm using a two pass rendering

Post by James Norto » Sat, 21 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Whoops, sorry about that subject.  One of the dangers of cut-and-paste.
Anyway, I have found an answer to my own question; I had a parameter
set wrong ... thanks, anyway.


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1. two-pass-rendering of a model

  i want to render a textured model.  but i also want to get the effect of a
shiny and reflective material by using environment mapping.  now, i am
rendering the onject with its regular texture, and then i render it again
with the environment mapping.  but this does not seem to work right, because
of the depth-testing.  some triangles of the env-map are drawn, some are
not.  how can i avoid this?  or is there another way to achieve this?  what
about multi-texturing?  is it supported by all cards (also by the older ones
like the RIVA128)???  how can i use it?

thanx for your help,

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