Drawing parametric surfaces

Drawing parametric surfaces

Post by Brian Riglin » Tue, 25 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I have the equation of a parametric surface, specifically a bi-cubic of the

x = [u^3 u^2 u 1]*A*[v^3 v^2 v 1]

where A is a 4x4 matrix of coefficients and [v^3 v^2 v 1] should actually
be written vertically.  Likewise I have equations for y and z where the
only difference is that they have there own unique 4x4 matrices of

How can I use OpenGL to draw this surface in 3d?



1. Drawing parametric curves over a surface


Generally, people define curves that lie on surfaces in terms of
surface coordinates (u, v), and not in terms of coordinates in which
surface itself is defined.

Then, you define your spline with regular control polygon in u-v space,
and to plot a point you interpolate it there, get (u(t), v(t)) and then
interpolate to get point in regular 3d-space using your surface

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