Graphics programs slow in linux

Graphics programs slow in linux

Post by Stefanus Du Toi » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 00:48:02

This is quite off topic, but oh well.

Quote:> I have a dual boot OS - Windows XP and Redhat Linux 8.0 on my PC,
> with 512MB DDR and 64MB Nvidia Graphics Card. Dont know for what
> reason, I am not able to get the same speed of rendering/animation
> in Linux, as compared to windows.

Make sure you have the NVidia binary drivers installed:

You should probably direct further questions to the Linux discussion
forum there, but be sure to read the readme.

Quote:> Thanks,
> Vijay.

Stefanus Du Toit;; gpg 4bf2e217; #include <iostream>
template<int i,int j=i-1>struct I{I(){if(i%j)I<i,j-1>();else I<i-1>();}};
template<int i>struct I<i,1>{I(){std::cout<<i<<'\n';I<i-1>();}};template<
Quote:>struct I<1,0>{I(){}};int main(){I<50>();}/* Use -ftemplate-depth-5000 */