OPENGL component

OPENGL component

Post by cirte » Fri, 14 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I want to know if we can find OpenGL component (like VCL, OCX, ...) for
Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual C++ ?



OPENGL component

Post by Michael Bisho » Fri, 21 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I am developing an OpenGL OCX and am currently using it from within VB5.  I
am using it at my work for a 3D viewer for a CAD program.  It has support
for every OpenGL function, and some additional functions to make life
easier.  There is just a little bit more work to finish on it, and then
I'll be releasing it.  It's using SGI OpenGL right now because the quality
is so much greater for textures, but can be changed to MS rather easily,
and perhaps I'll release both.
If you'd like more information, email me and I'll send you development and
release information.

Michael Bishop
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> I want to know if we can find OpenGL component (like VCL, OCX, ...) for
> Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual C++ ?

> Benoit.


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I am working on an application which is planned to use OpenGL to draw
objects in VC++ environment. Since the time is tide, my manage suggested
me to buy some OpenGL components to speed the development cycle. We have
three suggestions so far: VisMan, ClearGL, and Vector Imagin Pro. All the
knowledge I have for these three products is from there website. I have
about two year OpenGL expierence, but never touched those components.

Basically we need to draw all different shapes of the objects(2D and
3D)(with all the cool functions in OpenGL,e.g.transparency); calc something
like distances, volumns, areas; check intersections, and other things.
I hope the product is optimized to help fasting the rendering and diplay,
since our data size is huge.

Is it worth to use the component? I can do all above by myself with just
OpenGL and c/c++ libraries. Any suggestion is useful.

Thank you.


Pengcheng Chen

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