SIF (standard interchange format) file with Opengl?

SIF (standard interchange format) file with Opengl?

Post by Hau Hung Ta » Tue, 07 Apr 1998 04:00:00

        I am a newbie in opengl and need to write a program in C
with Opengl (mesa) to draw a 2d map. The map data is in SIF (standard
interchange format), however I'm not familiar the the file format.
Can anyone here tell me or point to a location where I can find information
about the SIF?



1. Any standard graphics interchange format?

        Is there any standard file format for passing a graphic file
(raster image) across the network? Currently,  I think the most popular one
is "gif" file format.

        I was wondering whether ISO has defined any standards for it. I
have heard of a name "CGM" which is defined by ISO. Is it the standard for
the interchange of digital image data?

        Please forgive me if I am asking a stupid questions!!
        I'd appreciate hearing about it via e-mail.

        Thanks in advance.

        Chris Ching
|The University of Melbourne
|Department of Computer Science

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