Cube Map using just one image

Cube Map using just one image

Post by Frédéric Delhoum » Thu, 05 Jun 2003 18:50:31

Is there an extension that allows cube maps with only one texture ?
The image would be the montage of the 6 faces images.
It would be nice (I think) and would allow me to port my engine easily
spherical mapping to cube mapping.



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ummm... don't cubes have 6 faces, of which a maximum of 3 are visible?
Oh well, doesn't matter.  What I'd suggest is the following:

Break the cube into 6 virtually 2D boxes which will constitute the six
faces.  Use POV's image_map feature (assuming you're using POV) to
place the pictures on the faces, and then translate/rotate the faces
as necessary.

If this is close to what you want, and you need more detail, feel free
to e-mail me for some sample source code (recently did this process
for creating a "box head" where photos of a head were mapped onto a

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