VRML.SGI.COM Contest Winner!

VRML.SGI.COM Contest Winner!

Post by mshee.. » Thu, 18 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I hope that most of you (who can) have already entered into the Buzz.wrl
Contest that is currently going on at VRML.SGI.COM. (Those of you who
aren't VRML developers can enter in the "People's Choice" sweepstakes.)

For those who have been following the Contest/Sweeps, here are the
results for Week 4...Shout Interactive's "MOD Dance Party" picked up the
Editor's and People's Choice awards. This is the first time that an
entrant has won both categories 2 weeks in a row! Be sure to look at
their VRML world.

For the next week, the contestants are:
   * Long Valley Earthquake -- see the integration of USGS earthquake
     maps and data from the Long Valley earthquake.
   * Delta VRML Banner -- a VRML banner ad for Delta Airlines, very small
     and very interactive.
   * Icosamovie -- a pseudo psychedelic animation of a polyhedral
   * MOD Mania -- once again, Shout Interactive's MOD gang, up to their
     usual antics.
   * Manufacturing Mixture -- the integration of VRML output from three
     different translators into a coherent manufacturing demo

Be sure to vote for your favorite and submit your winning VRML
worlds...also, make sure that you read the official rules. The contest is
almost halfway finished so you better start cranking on that winning
world! (And, you can enter more than once!)

Buzz.wrl can be found at http://vrml.sgi.com .

Good luck!



1. VRML.SGI.COM Contest Winners

Thought you might be interested in an update on the "Buzz.wrl of the
Week" contest & sweepstakes from VRML.SGI.COM.  For those of you
unfamiliar with the contest, it's open to VRML developers as well as
to those who vote for the People's Choice award (be sure to check the
official rules for full details).

Anyway, the Week 6 winner of the Editor's Choice and People's Choice
awards is "Florida Estuary" created by Victor DeLeon of Florida
Atlantic University.  If you haven't yet seen it, it offers a view of
wildlife in Florida's waters and includes sounds taken from recordings
in the field.

Congratulations to Victor, who is now eligible to win the 02 WEBFORCE
Workstation being given to the overall winner.  Remember, there are
only four weeks left so make sure to submit your worlds if you want a
chance to win.

Next week's contestants are:
   * Kaleidoscope -- You can change multiple attributes including
     shape, size, texture and rotation in this interactive      
   * The Everglades at Night -- A detailed view of a typical evening
     in the South Florida Everglades National Park.  Complete with
     flora, fauna and audio from actual field recordings.
   * CuPuzz -- An interactive puzzle game.  Click on the green
     spheres to re-arrange the faces and then try to restore the
   * Submarine Wreck -- Pretend you're Jacques Cousteau and swim with
     the dolphins while you explore this replica of a submarine wreck.  
     Make sure to check out all the different viewpoints.
   * M.C. Escher Knot -- M.C. Escher Knot and Gears:  A group of 3      
     animations--with two featuring gears rotating on a sphere and the      
     third a knot rotating through itself.

Make sure to vote for the "People's Choice" award and a chance at a
Maximum DVD Kit or a Fire GL 1000 graphics accelerator from Diamond
Multimedia.  You can vote once a day, every day to increase your

Buzz.wrl (and official rules) can be found at http://vrml.sgi.com

Happy New Year


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