New User Interface Library for OpenGL

New User Interface Library for OpenGL

Post by Roman Podobedo » Tue, 24 Apr 2001 17:43:44

On Romka Graphics ( released new library named
GLI . What is it, read this:

GLI Description

GLI Library - it is multiplatforming library for making user interface,
based on OpenGL technology. With the help of this library, programmer can
add in own graphic application elements of user graphics interface and
connect objects of interface with own program to realize back side
(CallBack). In other words possible to say that GLI is some layer between
user and OpenGL application.

For what needed this library and on who needed in this library?

GLI Library is built first of all to relieve a labour of programmers, who
builds graphic applications based on OpenGL and who don't want spend a
time for programming own user interface. Particularly GLI library will be
useful for small and average projects, where main time is spent not on
user interface, but on essence of the program. But it is impossible to say
that GLI intended for small projects only. GLI have all features for
building both simple and complex interfaces.

Main feature of GLI library is that GLI is not monotype interface, i.e.
programmer can build objects of interface so, as he want, getting objects
of various form, color, size and etc.

GLI Library - it is multiplatforming library, written in C++ language. All
objects are based on classes, defined in the library. Programmer can
inherit from these classes own classes and build new objects.

Features of library

At this time basic features of library are:

-Standard 2D Buttons support
-Texture buttons support
-Standard 2D windows support
-Text support
-Objects back side with Your program (Callback)
-Interface maintain by mouse
-Texture and fonts loading

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