remove wire-frame from transparent surface?

remove wire-frame from transparent surface?

Post by kmas.. » Sun, 25 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I've created a 3D surface that I want display as colored glass.  I
enable blending and the triangles that make up the surface are displayed
correctly, however, the edges of the triangles are opaque, effectively
displaying the "wire-frame" of my translucent surface.  How do I get rid
of the triangle edges from my rendering?

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1. Remove 1 Pixel wide transparent frame by every paste

It's a simple question but I found no answer in the web:
Everytme I paste a picture into my photoshop image, this stupid program
makes the outer pixels, of the pasted image, half-transparent.
While the rest of the image is still absolutely opaque (how it should be).

I found no option to switch this annoying future off.

An 1 Pixel sized frame is important for me, since my images are very
small and the program that uses this images automatically scales them
6-10 times bigger.

And since I have to paste many smaller images in a big image, I have now
an totaly ugly picture where all the edges are discoloured.

I hope someone can help me.

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