OpenGL Extensions

OpenGL Extensions

Post by Rick Richardso » Thu, 09 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I mentioned i was going to get all of the developer reps' addresses and
write them incessantly about this issue,
and My friend Garrett Suggested I start a petition or some other means
of going about getting these extensions in a little more
organized fashion. So what I'm looking to do is gauge the interest level

here in pursuing this. And if it is successful perhaps expand
into others.
Any ideas? would an organized petition work? perhaps start another
organization who's soul purpose is to bug IHV's. I know this sounds bad.

but it seems better than arbitrarily mailing developer relations reps.
We could put up a page and post updates to the specific items requested,

as well as forums to discuss whether or not new EXT's need to be

I'm just trying to do something about the lack of support OGL's been
getting recently with new features.
DirectX has Microsoft and many major gfx companies behind it. We have a
couple Major Companies and Many small companies, and hundreds of
semi-professional and enthusiast programmers, and an organization based
on all of those might do some good.
Sorry for being so long winded.

Again, any ideas on this are welcome.

R. L. Richardson III

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