: gluCylinder

: gluCylinder

Post by Neil J. Buesi » Sat, 11 May 1996 04:00:00

I am using gluCylinder to generate a cone.  However, it appears that
the normals it uses are based on it being true cylinder, not a cone.
Is this the 'behavior' of gluCylinder?  If so, is there any
alternatives (prior to writing my own routine).


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i am trying to make my own wormhole/tunnel-effekt. I created a cylinder with
gluCylinder() and mapped a texture on it. It works fine. But then i tried to
move that texture on the cylinder but I didn`t achieve it. How can I do
that? Is it possible with gluCylinder() or will i need my own cylinder
model? I even cannot map some part of the texture on the cylinder, only the
whole one.



p.s.: To achieve a good performance i don`t want to generate many cylinders
and move my camera.

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