gluNurbsSurface not rendering nearly flat surfaces

gluNurbsSurface not rendering nearly flat surfaces

Post by John Shel » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 21:48:06

I'm on Windows2000 using the libraries supplied by Microsoft.

I'm having a problem with some surfaces not rendering with
gluNurbsSurface. All of the surfaces showing this problem are nearly
flat and untrimmed. No error is produced; they just don't draw. If I
reduce the number of control points I can get them to draw, so
apparently too much definition is a problem.

I'm also having a problem with some surfaces producing a "knot
multiplicity greater than order of spline" error which I asked about in
a previous post (see "NURBS Error from gluNurbsSurface (knot
multiplicity)" from June 3). I googled through the archives for this
newsgroup and didn't find anyone else mentioning either of these
problems. I find it hard to believe I'm the only one. I'm starting to
get a pursecution complex. Most other surfaces render fine, so I don't
think I'm doing anything grossly wrong. Are these known problems?

If anyone is interested in trying to render with my data I can post data
for one of the No-Render-But-No-Error surfaces. The smallest is 4x12
control points. However, the Knot-Multiplicity-Error surfaces are far
too large to post here, but I might be able to arrange a download
location from our Web site. Let me know.

Thanks much,


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