OpenGL ARB meeting minutes for December now on

OpenGL ARB meeting minutes for December now on

Post by Jon Lee » Sat, 20 Dec 1997 04:00:00

    Minutes from the December OpenGL ARB meeting are now available at

    The most significant item is the schedule for OpenGL 1.2. The next draft
of the specification will be released for public review at the beginning of
January (I'll announce this on the newsgroup and mailing lists). There will
be two more iterations of the spec before the March ARB meeting, and we
expect OpenGL 1.2 to be approved in March.

    There's also a bit more information on the SGI-MS agreement on support
and distribution of the Installable Client Driver DDK.

    Jon Leech
    Silicon Graphics


1. OpenGL++ subcommittee meeting minutes available on

    Mark Segal's notes from the OpenGL++ subcommittee meetings in June and
September are now available at:

    Thanks to Tony DeYoung of ArtLab for getting this material up!

    Jon Leech
    Silicon Graphics

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