Shadowing Algorithms

Shadowing Algorithms

Post by Ben Le » Fri, 18 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hello Folks,

I'm working on a master's thesis involving the evaluation of different types of
shadowing algorithms.  My objective is to further the development of shadowing tools
that would be appropriate for Virtual Reality environments.  

I've implemented the depth-buffer method for producing shadows using Inventor and
OpenGL.  I'm interested if anyone else has other shadowing implementations or
Renderers that also produce shadows and would be willing to submit their program
and/or code for comparison in my thesis.  I'm not able to provide monetary
compensation but you will receive my gushing gratitude, the knowledge that you are
assisting a poor graduate student's struggle, and appropriate recognition in my

If you are interested in the code I'm developing let me know and I'll get a copy to
you when my thesis is complete.  

Thanks in advance,

Ben Lee

... now back to your regularly scheduled program..


1. shadow algorithm

Hi there.

I want an algorithm that address the following problem(fast).

I have an object defined by a set of polygons plus a point that represent
the center of the object. Each polygon is defined by their vertex plus a
normal vector. I also have an omni light source in some place.
I want the algorithm to compute the vertex of the polygon that is the
shadow of the object projected over a plane that is normal to the vector
formed by the position of the light source and the center of the object.
THe algorithm is intended for speed over accuracy.

Anyone knows where to seek, if not what approach you think it would be the
better for this task.

Sorry for my poor english.


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