Problems with drawing Objects from the AUX-Library

Problems with drawing Objects from the AUX-Library

Post by Andrew F. Vespe » Sat, 15 Sep 2001 10:38:11

> I have trouble drawing objects from the AUX-Library.
> If I just do...
>     auxSolidSphere(10.0f);
> draws the sphere very fine. Even when I use this command
> in a loop it works good. But my programm works in that way
> that I calculate some 3D-coordinates an render them after each
> calculation step. This works fine for one calculation (many spheres).
> The problem is if I start a new calculation and so create new
> rendereing context and so on - no spheres are rendered any more.

auxSolidSphere puts the drawing commands in a display list, and
doesn't know you have switched rendering contexts on it. Thus,
it believes that it has already created the display list, and just uses it.

Quote:> I thought I solved the problem with putting the command between
> these statements...
>     glBegin(GL_POINTS);
>         auxWireCube(10.0f);
>     glEnd();

This causes the glNewList and the glBegin inside auxWireCube (is
this a deliberate change?) to fail silently. It also causes the glGenList
call to return 0, which allows the aux routine to believe it needs to
generate the list next time.

Quote:> ...yeah so it draws the spheres but somehow allocates memory for
> each sphere which isn't freed till the program exits. So my memory
> gets blown up (2MB/s or so).

For this I don't have an hypothesis.

Quote:> Can you give me some advice???

Don't use aux. Use GLUT instead.
Andy V (OpenGL Alpha Geek)
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