simulating water reflections and refractions

simulating water reflections and refractions

Post by at » Mon, 16 Jul 2001 22:47:32

hi there..
i just made a simple mesh to simulate water movement..
i also did it for two passes.. one draws the textured mesh and the other
draw the specular light

i render first one with no blending info and the second pass i do with
gl_one, gl_one
it looks ugly yes =) thats why im here..

how can i get a nice good looking water mesh..
i havent done reflections yet, and i want to do refractions too...

can anyone here help me out with this? how can i make a nice good looking
and realistic water mesh?
i saw the one at nvidia, but i dont have any info.. and the source is damn
confusing ..
thanks in advance


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