using 2 graphics card in 1 pc.

using 2 graphics card in 1 pc.

Post by sungeu » Sun, 10 Mar 2002 15:45:06

i'd like to make an opengl program using 2 graphics card in 1 pc in windows.
Actually, i'd like to run two opengl threads having each own rendering
context to take advantage of two graphics card simultaneously.
i mean that i render one image in 1st monitor and render another image in
2nd monitor simultaneously.

now, i got secondary card infomation using EnumDisplayDevices ().

but i don't know how to make OpenGL Rendering context with that card.

I think CreateDC may help. but i doesn't work.

Actually, i don't know how to use that function

Could you give us some advices about this?

If it is possible, i'd like code level explanation.

my configuration is like follows.

first. GeForce4 Ti 4600
secondary. GeForce2 Mx / Mx 400 (PCI)

Thank you in advance.