NT Workstation 3.51 as Display for SGI OpenGL?

NT Workstation 3.51 as Display for SGI OpenGL?

Post by Maxim Totr » Sun, 10 Sep 1995 04:00:00

|> Greetings.
|> I've RTFM'd and FAQ'd, and I still think I'm SOL, so I'm seeking wiser counsel:
|> I am interested in using my Intel-based Windows NT machine as a display for
|> OpenGL programs running on a Silicon Graphics
|> workstation (specifically, an R4400SC-based Indy).
|> No glx extension!
|> Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display "zuul:0.0".
|> Window type not found!
|> In a nutshell, I have some GL-based programs on the Indy which I'd rather not
|> have to rewrite in X.  I was hoping that "OpenGL
|> support" in NT meant that I could use the NT box as an OpenGL server, and
|> that porting the programs from GL to OpenGL would be
|> less onerous than porting them from GL to X.  Also, GL has some features
|> (overlay planes, for example) that I would have to
|> implement myself under X, and I was hoping that OpenGL would help me avoid
|> this.

  OpenGL on unix is normally implemented as an extension to X windows, so when
OpenGL program tries to open a window, it queries the X windows server if it has
the necessary extention. Unfortunately, none ( to my knowledge ) of the existing
X servers for Windows  (NT) have that extention. That is why you get this
message. The OpenGL support in NT means that _Windows_ API gets the extention,
that is you can compile your OpenGL program under NT if you change the window
managment part of your code from x and glx calls to windows and wgl. If you are
using libaux, it's easy, but unfortunately it is rather limited library.
Otherwise - be happy that at least drawing routines stay the same :).

|> callbacks will not be fun.  However, if I open an X window, can I then
|> associate an OpenGL drawing area with that window and use
|> things like overlay planes?
  On OpenGL capable X server - yes, in fact you have to associate your drawing
area with an X window if you want to see the things you draw. Again, OpenGL
always draws into the window or pixmap supplied by _some_ windowing system, that
is the key to it's portability.
Hope this helps.


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I have an OpenGL application which worked under NT 3.51, but won't under
NT 4.0.  One problem is that if I suspend the context using
wglMakeCurrent (NULL, NULL), and then assign it again using
wglMakeCurrent, I get an illegal memory access in __glInitDepth16 for
using a 0 pointer, with the following stack.

CRotateXlate::do_xforms() line 1614

Another problem is that after drawing an object around 100 times, it
draws very slowly.  I haven't had time to look into this one.  I assume
that these problems are some quirk with NT 4.0, or with OpenGL for NT
4.0.  Has anyone had similar problems and knows the solution?



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