Text in OpenGL

Text in OpenGL

Post by Steve Bake » Wed, 31 Mar 1999 04:00:00

> I am trying to put strings (tags for names of various objects like
> points, lines etc.) It seems there is no in-built facility to print
> text on the drawing area.

If you are using GLUT then there are built-in functions for
rendering both bit-mapped and vector-font text.

You could also check out GLTT


it's *VERY* fancy.

Also this one (which relies on storing fonts in texture
maps - which is certainly the *FASTEST* way to draw text
in OpenGL):



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Is there a simple method to rotate fonts in OpenGL.

I previously used the SGI Font Manager library weive the
working in GL but I cannot figure out how to achivec the
same results in OpenGL.

I have managed to display some text on the screen but I would
like to rotate this by 90 degrees.

Thank in advance for any help..


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Chemistry Department
University of York

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