OSX and OpenGL...

OSX and OpenGL...

Post by Bill » Wed, 26 Jun 2002 00:48:32

I hope someone can help. I'm getting an error whenever I run my newly
created app that uses OpenGL under OS X:

Application cannot be launched because of a Shared Library Error:

I have OpenGLLibraryStub, from the AGL SDK included in the CW7 project, and
it links without errors, but whenever a piece of code even references, let
alone actually calls, an OpenGL function, it crashes on launch.

Any ideas???




1. L65 on osx and other osx discussion....

anyone try it yet?  just wondering if newtek managed to leverage some extra
power from the new mac os.

speaking of which, i keep forgetting that osx is based on a unix core.

i've always wondered (so has bill gates actually) why someone didn't come up
with a unix based home os that would compete with windows in its heyday.

could it be that osx will be that os?  the old foes, apple and ibm :) going
at it but now, with apple gaining some re-inforcements from unix.

and i've also heard rumors that osx may be made available for intel
processors as well!

may be that osx will be the home unix solution that linux is failing to be.



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