(Vertex lighting vs lightmaps) and outside lighting

(Vertex lighting vs lightmaps) and outside lighting

Post by Paul Matthe » Sat, 27 Apr 2002 09:07:35

G'Day All,

Current project will be wrapping up in a few weeks (relational system)
and I would like to have a go this 3D stuff. So I've been reading and
thinking and now I have a question.

The target platform for this 'game' is a PII300 with VoodooII. So I'm
aiming for 'playability' and 'framerate' over 'eye candy'. Outdoor
urban environment at a fixed time of day. This means that lighting and
shadows can be precomputed.

My choices are either lightmaps or vertex lighting.

The problems with lightmaps seems to be the sheer number of them
required, as well as the difficultly in caluculating them.

With vertex lighting I could use some form of subdivision along shadow
boundaries. And although the tops of the tall buildings would be
realised with only two triangle per face, at ground level (where the
player is) there would be an increased the polygon count. It also
doesn't solve the problem of sharp shadows cast by complex objects (ie

It seems to me everyone is doing lightmaps, but is this because they
have all these highend machines? Looking for recomendations on fast
but 'good enough'.

Also with only one light source and high ambient, how do I stop the
enviroment from looking washed out?



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